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TKO Knockout Doors

TKO Door - Pushed out An industry was created with the first TKO dock door. Impact-resistant doors were designed to solve the continual problem of door damage and expensive maintenance. TKO dock doors have been installed in thousands of applications and industries around the world for many fortune 500 companies.

Moderately-priced total knockout protection for dock doorways. Ideal as a replacement door or for new construction projects. TKO Doors do the job of a standard dock door by securing the doorway while capturing HVAC energy. The insulated panels and door-mounted seals rise clear of traffic when the door opens.

TKO Door Spring

Knockout Protection:

Patented door with spring-loaded steel plungers allows panels to knockout on extreme impact. Simply pull attached ring to reset door, no special tools required. Door is running in seconds.

TKO Door - Pushed in

Design Benefits:

TKO Door Spring Illustration

Versatile Options:

TKO Knockout Door Demonstration

Video: TKO Door Impact-Resistant Doors

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TKO Full Line Brochure (PDF)